Learn to Unlock a Vodafone BlackBerry Curve

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BlackBerry’s Curve models–the 3rd generation, 8500, 8900 and 8300–all provide the same fundamental smartphone functions, with only slight versions affecting the cost. Should you received a Curve together with your Vodafone service contract, you are able to usually leave this company behind by acquiring a totally free unlock code–as lengthy while you pay any costs your debt. Otherwise, you will need to purchase an unlock code from a web-based vendor. In either case, you will be inside the law.

Write lower your IMEI (Worldwide Mobile Equipment Identity) number, located on the label beneath your battery.

Call Vodafone Support in the number based in the Assets section (it is dependent which country you are calling from). Provide a representative your IMEI number and request for the unlock code. You will be told that the code is going to be shipped via email in 3 to 5 days, as lengthy while you pay any outstanding costs, or you will be rejected outright. When the latter, navigate for an online vendor (two are indexed by Assets) and pay up to $14.99 for any code (by December 2010). Watch for your code to reach via email.

Switch off your Rim Curve and take away your Vodafone Sim from the slot beneath your battery. Replace battery and energy in your phone again. Go into the unlock code just as instructed by Vodafone or even the online vendor. Usually you’ll go into the code and “Send.” Wait to become informed on-screen whether your Curve was effectively unlocked. Switch off your phone again, take away the battery and slide inside a new Sim. Replace battery and back cover, switch it on as well as your Rim Curve is alive and well on the new network.

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