Nano SIM Card theNew SIM card generation

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The truth is that while technology we find many new terminals, both in smartphones as tablets, without forgetting of course the computers, the truth is that there are things that continue to improve outside the hardware of each company in a specific manner. Among them we find for example in the methods of charging devices and new card formats, both SIM as storage. The “Nano SIM” is a new card format that could reach the market. It is a new concept of telephony cards that respond to the name “Nano SIM”, as can be seen in the image, it is a new card format. In reality, the benefits of the “Nano SIM” for manufacturers of smartphones and tablet would be considerable already with what have been reduced the dimensions, and on the entire thickness of smartphones and tablet, count on an extra space in them will be a luxury for expanding the possibilities of what already exists in the market. However, although all the major manufacturers; Motorola, RIM, Nokia and Apple are in agreement that the concept could give them countless advantages, there are divided opinions. Nokia patented his own “Nano SIM”, that has technical advantages over the proposal that is being evaluated, the Apple. What will eventually reaching an agreement or we continue with an Apple world against all? We will see what happens, but now none of the major telephone companies want to give up.

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