Free Lyca SIM card

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Order  your Free Lyca  SIM cards and you will get:

  • Order 1 free Lyca SimFree Lycamobile Sims
  • Worldwide calls from just 1p each minute to in excess of 60 nations.
  • Free £2 credit whenever you activate your free Sim.
  • Top quality call connection.
  • Free calls and texts with other Lyca mobile customers in almost any country.
  • Free multilingual customer support 24/7

Lyca mobile sells international pay-as-you-go SIM cards to consumers wanting to make international telephone calls. An MVNO leases radio frequency from mobile phone network operators and it forms ­partnerships with the operators in each country it serves. Lycamobile has also developed distinct business structures such as MVNA arrangements in different countries. Lycamobile states that its focus remains quality and affordable international calling for its customers. It has often adopted an aggressive pricing strategy on entry to new markets in order to acquire early market share. In some instances, MNO partners of Lycamobile have been surprised by the actual growth rather than their own projected estimated growth of Lyca’s mobile products.

Historically, the Lycamobile brand concept was launched in 2005 with the first trading using the brand taking place in 2006. Its business structure is arranged to have local national private companies branded under licence as “Lycamobile” and operating exclusively in the particular country as either a MNVO provider or as the principal wholesaler of Lycamobile branded products.

Lyca mobile is a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) around australia, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Italia, Netherlands, Norwegian, Belgium, The country, Sweden, Europe and also the Uk – it lately released around australia. The Lycamobile brand is dissimilar to the Lycatel logo and works with various national corporate organizations. Although you will find some nations of overlap, Lycamobile and Lycatel don’t always be employed in parallel. The primary majority of Lycamobile revenue is produced from Lycamobile’s SIM items for customers.

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