How to Use a Prepaid Phone With a SIM Card Contract

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You should use your contract Sim inside a prepaid phone. If you have been using mobile phones with SIM cards for just about any period of time, you’ve most likely observed that improving phones is as simple as getting rid of your Sim out of your current phone and placing it in to the brand new one. If you wish to change your mobile phone without stretching your merchandise contract, one choice is to buy a prepaid phone out of your company, remove its prepaid Sim and place your present Sim in it.

Buy a prepaid phone out of your company, either online or perhaps in certainly one of its stores. By collecting the prepaid phone, don’t inform the representative that you’ve a contract using the company. Please make certain you browse the relevant cell phone network official “Conditions and terms,” where one can confirm if this sounds like possible. If that’s the case, please find underneath the next steps

  • Take away the prepaid Sim in the prepaid phone. Keep it simply just in case, however, because you do not know should you finish up without your personal Sim eventually.
  • Place your contract Sim in to the prepaid phone. Wait a couple of moments for that phone to identify the Sim. When your carrier’s title seems within the top-left corner from the phone’s screen, you can start making and receiving calls making use of your new phone.
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