How to Register an O2 SIM Card

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Unlike some network service providers, O2 doesn’t need you to activate your PAYG sim cards because it comes preloaded. However, it’s worth signing up it to ensure that you can engage in special packages targeted for your usage needs that could help you save money. Good examples have an limitless free text bundle. Once you have registered the Sim, you may also finish it off online having a charge card and find out recent activity.

  1. Place the Sim card into an unlocked or 02 Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) mobile  phone, then switch on the phone.
  2. Browse towards the 02 website (see Assets). Go into the telephone number connected using the Sim in to the text box online. Press the “Continue” button.
  3. Check your  mobile phone for any text. 02 will be sending a message having a special code. Enter that code around the current web site.

Stick to the prompts to go in your sign up process. The web site will request for a number of bits of information. On conclusion from the signing up process, have a look at a few of the calling packages and connect a suitable calling package together with your account.

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