How to insert micro SIM card in iPhone 4/iPhone 4S

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Like lots of people, you may be confused as where you can place the micro SIM card in apple iphone 4. Apple apple iphone 4 utilizes a Micro SIM that is 15 mm × 12 mm in dimensions as the standard Small SIM is 25 mm × 15 mm in dimensions. To place a SIM in apple iphone 4, stick to the steps below:

  1. Have a simple paper clip making it straight, then, look into the right side of the apple iphone 4 to discover the SIM tray as proven below:
  2. Photo of top fringe of apple iphone 4 showing stereo system minijack, second microphone, and sleepwake button, then Place the pin in to the small hole and push it slightly before the tray jumps-out. Now take out the Sim tray together with your hands.
  3. Place your Micro Sim in to the SIM tray. Make certain they fit perfectly and also the golden circuit side of SIM is faced downwards. Then, push the tray back to slot very much the same you thrown it. You’ll hear a click upon effectively placing the tray instead. As you can tell this is easy, the only real factor left would be to watch for apple iphone to identify the Sim.
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