How SIM cards support E-commerce between businesses and consumers

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In many countries credit cards contain SIM cards to ensure the information about the accounts and actually store the value. With the new e-commerce, banking likely to take the electronic cards, mainly because the reports show that 75% of consumers are worried about the security of your credit card when buying online. Recent Announcements confirm that major banks are adopting the technology of the electronic card and wish to propose it to their clientèle  Companies such as Visa and Amexco have entered into development agreements to create an electronic wallet that eventually replace the money. With the wallet, the person can be developped with different security financial tasks, such as payments and debits, access to the mobile phone and Internet transactions. Other major companies, such as Mondex, act in the same direction and soon there will be a global standard for this facility.

Although most people consider that security is the main advantage of the electronic cards, are also very interesting for businesses and consumers. The card can be used as universal password in an organization for users to access only to the system they need, what prevents oblivion, loss, or theft of your password. According to a recent analysis by more than 44% of calls to the support services users have to repeat the password. Therefore, a company of 20,000 employees will save $4 billion in costs of internal assistance with these systems. It is often wrongly perceived that the infrastructure of the card readers is an obstacle. The costs of the readers have dropped considerably, and there are now products for serial ports, ports of PS/2 keyboard connectors and PC-CARD. In addition, the specification PC 99 from Microsoft and Intel also recommends to PC manufacturers incorporate electronic card readers in their new appliances. According to Gemplus, have already incorporated this technology into their new PCS to further reduce that structure. In the future, the cards may also be used in the copy protection; one can only imagine the reception of a CD-ROM with all the software from the supplier, and pay only for what is needed, and may acquire then instantly the other programs with the card, and access to them. The important advances in the sector of components will allow you to universalize the electronic technology. With the nanotechnology for the manufacture of these devices are producing miniscule components and large amount of functions. Although it is already has the technology, there are still to pass through a cultural obstacle to the end user the universally accepted.

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