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Some Networks in the UK offer at least 1 free sim card per person, these offers are available to everyone so your buddies and family can benefit from it. Just make sure you pick the network and plan that best suits you. is providing you Free SIM Cards with your favourite UK mobile network. You will be able to choose a SIM card from any network right here and most importantly, they will be 100% totally free. Simply complete the form with your details and wait for your free Sim card to arrive in the post. Here you will get free SIM cards on the most popular networks for example Vodafone, O2, T-Mobile, Giffgaff, Orange, Lebara and many more. From your extensive experience of free SIM cards, you just have to pick the one which you prefer and relish the versatility of PAYG deals.

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Best Free SIM card deals in the UK

Free Vodafone SIM Card                           

  • Calls cost 20p a minute and texts are 10p
  • Video messages 60p per message
  • Picture messaging 36p per message
   Free O2 SIM Card                        

  • Keep your phone number
  • Unlimited calls and text to O2 network
  • Free delivery
Free T-Mobile SIM Card                          

  • Internet £1 per day on T-Mobile
  • Calls cost 10 p on T-mobile Network
  • Calls 25p on other networks
  • 20p per Picture messaging
Free Giffgaff SIM Card                          

  • Free calls to Giffgaff numbers
  • Top up £10 a month and get:
    • 250 UK minutes
    • unlimited texts
    • unlimited mobile internet
Free Orange SIM Card                          

  • Very low cost calls
  • Texts from 1p a minute
  • Free evening & weekend to Orange Network
Free Tesco SIM Card                          

  • Get 2 Free Tesco SIMs with free credit
  • Get up to £40 of free credits
  • Half price calls and texts to chosen 5 UK numbers
Free Three SIM Card

  • Unlimited Internet
  • Top up £15 a month and get:
    • 300 UK minutes
    • 3000 texts
Free Lebara SIM Card                          

  • £10 Credit included
  • 10p per text
  • International calls from 1p a minute
Free Virgin SIM Card                          

  • £5 Credit of calls
  • Texts from 3p
  • Includes web access
  • 300 free texts with £10 top up
  Free Orange International SIM Card                          

  • Cheap International calls
  • Very affordable
  • Very simple to use and top up
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