Free O2 micro SIM card

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Apple iphone 3rd generation, apple iphone 3GS or apple iphone 4S utilizes a micro sim, much like apple iphone 4. For those who have apple iphone 3GS or other phone, then you will need to swap from the standard sim to some micro sim. Should you intend on getting apple iphone 4S, you might want to obtain a micro sim ahead of time and swap your standard sim to some micro sim. This way when you are getting apple iphone 4S, you can begin taking pleasure in it immediately.

Follow these steps:

  • Register using the button to get a free O2 micro SIM card.
  • Once you have received the micro sim card eject the SIM card tray with the help of the eject tool available in the iPad/iPhone kit.
  • Insert the O2 micro SIM card in the SIM tray and push it gently
  • Activate the O2 micro SIM card from the iPad itself.

Remember you will get a free o2 Micro sim card for everybody who subscribes for this offer. You need to remember that you won’t be billed with this card. Also, this can be a O2 Payg kind of sim and for that reason you won’t be associated with an agreement.

Also, UK delivery is also included in the offer.


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