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ee logoWith 4GEE Mobile sim card you can have Broadband from EE you can enjoy superfast internet when you’re out and about. From streaming HD movies on the bus to playing online multiplayer games, it’s all unbelievably quick on 4GEE.

Superfast 4G sim card from EE is right here.

Pop this SIM into your new tablet or phone and you’ll enjoy 5GB of data for just £15.99 a month on a 30 day rolling contract. That should be enough for all your surfing and download needs for a month. Plus you’ll get an alert when you’re coming up to the limit, so you won’t have to worry about running out of data. If you do run out you can buy an add-on from £6 for 500MB. In addition, receive free Wi-Fi access to BT Wi-Fi hot spots across the UK. A SIM adapter is included so it can fit into regular sized SIM slots.

Along with broadband-like download speeds, there are a number of additional exciting benefits to 4GEE mobile broadband. These include use of BT’s vast array of WiFi hotspots, EE film downloads without data cost, free data alerts on data usage and quick customer support.

4G connectivitysim card
EE’s 4G internet provides speeds of up to five times that of 3G, letting you stream HD films, play online games or just browse the web from the comfort of your tablet, wherever you may be.

While 4G coverage is constantly increasing, if you find yourself in an area not covered by 4G, your device automatically reverts to EE’s 3G network. Being the largest in the UK, you can expect a great connection from almost anywhere in the country.

Topping up

Topping up is simple once your three months or data allowance is up and can be done online, by calling into a number of stores or over the phone. Pay as you go ensures you are always in control of how much you’re spending and is the perfect solution for occasional and prolonged use alike.

With the fastest mobile web connection currently available, EE 4G Pay As You Go SIM & Micro SIM is the perfect way to get your 3G/4G tablet online.

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