Will a 3G SIM card Work in a 2G Mobile Phone Device?

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The Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) is a smart card that primarily functions as an access pass to a cellular provider network. Due to the layout of the SIM card, you’ll be able to make use of the card in just about any unlocked or carrier-approved mobile device. A 3G SIM card will work in a 2G phone and a 2G SIM card can work in a 3G phone due to the worldwide SIM card layout. Mobile networks operate by way of a number of information transactions. The phone will be asked by the initial transaction to identify it self. When the telephone identifies itself, certainly one of the most significant bits of information is the subscriber identification number found on the SIM card. This information is handled by the SIM card reader’s transferring its information to the modem for transmission to the mobile network.

Because all networks are making use of SIM cards with World wide System for Mobile communications (GSM) standard. SIM Cards are Interchangeable. This standard is defined by the GSM Association (GSMA). Based on the GSMA site, this open digital communication standard covers more than 80% of the world’s people.

The primary difference Between 3G and 2G is that 2G is really a term used to identify the Wideband Code-Division Multiple Access (WCDMA) which can be the third-generation communication standard defined by the International Telecommunications Union (ITU). 3G is really a faster version of 2G due to new transmission technologies unrelated to SIM card technology. The 3G label found on some SIM cards is usually an aesthetic alternative, it has no effect on the SIM card interoperability.

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