Why Nokia’s SIM card was better than Apple’s Nano sim card

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During 2012 Nokia and Apple were heavily fighting in corridors and offices of the European Institute of Standards of the Telecommunications to get approval for their proposed new  nano SIM card. It might not be apparent that both manufacturers were immersed in a closed fight to secure the majority in the voting to decide which ones was going to be the winner. Nokia had a very strong case to defend its proposal. In an official notice sent by Nokia, the Finnish manufacturer assured that its proposal, presented/displayed jointly with Motorola and RIM, takes care of the needs of the users better that who the proposal of Apple.

“To begin, the size of the new SIM must be different from the present one, to avoid that a confusion when introducing new or a one old one in the groove of the telephone causes a failure. And the propose SIM by Apple is full in size that the one that we have now”.

With Nokia’s proposal the tray carrying the SIM cards  didn’t need to be modified. However, with Apple’s proposal, which everyone knows got final approval from the European body, would require changes in the production process and therefore this would increase costs which are likely to be past to consumers.

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