What is dual band?

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Dual band refers back to the quantity of frequencies that the phone can function on. Nowadays, every phone available on the market is Dual Band, the majority are Tri Band plus some are Quad Band! The idea is, the greater bands the telephone has, the greater nations the telephone works in. The confusion arrived the United kingdom with Dual Band when Orange and T-Mobile (One-2-One) released within the late 90’s. Vodafone and O2, (Cellnet as was) done one frequency, and Orange and T-Mobile done another. Most mobile phone models in those days were single band and would only focus on either Vodafone and O2 or Orange and T-Mobile, although not both. As technology managed to move on, phones began being Dual Band – this resulted in producers only required to make one phone, instead of two versions of the identical phone.

For a number of reasons, the systems started introducing a network lock that avoided these to from focusing on another systems. So despite the fact that the mobile phone models were Dual Band and done both wavelengths – they’d still only focus on the network these were offered on unless of course the client had the phone unlocked. Requesting a Dual Band phone, will enable you to get a telephone that creates two wavelengths, however it won’t always focus on the network you would like it to. Similarly, tri-band mobile phone models creates three different wavelengths, and quad-band mobile phone models on four, however these mobile phone models can nonetheless be locked to some network.


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