What is a Nano SIM card

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Surely you have asked yourself what is the difference between the cards SIM, MicroSIM and Nano SIM. Why do we need so many? 

A SIM card or Subscriber Identity Module is a small plastic card that counts on a chip, surely you have had some in your hand after abrir your cellular one. This card stores the telephone number and the keys of access of a user without mattering which is the company that offers the service of mobile telephony. SIM Cards allow that the authentication of the data of a user and also serves to store another information; one of the advantages of the SIM, is that you can transfer your data from a telephone to another one without greater difficulty.

In the 2003 the MicroSIM was developed, by ETSI (European Telecommunications Standard Institute). With her, it was possible to extend the memory and to improve the security of the system. Another basic advance was the size of the same, which redujó to a measurement of 12×15 millimeters. The truth is that this format of the SIM well was not received at first, but was thanks to iPad that reached much popularity, since tablet of Apple works with this MicroSim. A fundamental point in the development of the SIM, is that with the creation of smartphones smaller, also it looks for to do the same with the creation of these cards; so smaller formats of SIM are being developed thus to have more space available within the telephones. At the moment there are different proposals in the market, like the creation of the NanoSIM.

The present problem with the creation of new formats of this type, is the interests of the companies. For example, Apple has a proposal to happen to the MicroSIM. to get itself to make specific they would create a new standard for all the industry; of course, the proposal of Apple is not seen with good eyes by competitors such as RIM or Nokia. Apple proposes to completely eliminate the plastic with that they count the MicroSIM, argue that to do this the devices can be compatible with old cards SIM by means of a system of adaptors. This would mean that a tray is required to hold the new nano SIM card format. On the other hand, companies like Nokia and RIM, have in mind a different proposal for the future of these cards. They want to create a new version that would not be compatible with the present SIM but that they would be very similar to the MicroSD cards, looking for to integrate new technology to these systems to offer experiences to them different from the user. Until now everything seems calm between all the involved but the situation is not so simple, since the great companies look for to impose their idea to decide which will be the future of the SIM.

Nokia has declared the following “We think that Apple is using bad the standardisation process, looking for to impose its propietary solution to the industry, using to ETSI so that simply of the approval to its proposal, in place to follow the established principles and practices  We insist to the members of the ETSI to that they resist to this behaviour, that is not the best one for the interests of the industry, neither what it is the more important, on the one of the consumers”.  Nokia is the company that has been pronounced more against the proposal of Apple, and have expressed in multiple occasions that its proposal does not fulfill the requirements of the standard that handles the ETSI, in addition count on the support of RIM and Motorola.

The situation is fairly  complicated because the future of the SIM card is a little bit unclear. As you probably know the proposed SIM card standard by Nokia and RIM didn’t get approved  ETSI. So it can be argued that Apple has won the nano SIM battle but remains to be seen who wins the SIM card war altogether given the number of conflicting interests at play.

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