Ways to identify If your SIM Card Is 2G or 3G

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SIM card provides the quickest cellular support for mobile phone users. The majority of newer mobile phones offer 3G support with their cell phone ideas. You may not be in a position to inform if you have a 3G SIM card simply by making use of your mobile phone. To be able to inform if you have a 3G SIM card, simply take a look at your SIM card. 3G has a symbol on its SIM cards that lets you understand that it has 3G.

  • Turn off your mobile phone by simply maintaining the “hang up” switch until the mobile powers down and eliminate the back cover of your mobile phone and take the battery away. Underneath your battery is going to be the SIM card.
  • Remove the SIM card out of your mobile. You will possibly find a way to slip the SIM card out of the phone or you may need to disconnect it from its spot.
  • Browse around on the SIM card for a 3G symbol. When the SIM card is 3G, it is going to be created on the card. In case your SIM card doesn’t have a 3G symbol on it, then it is a 2G SIM card. Lastly, place your SIM card right back inside your phone, change the battery and put the cover back on your phone.
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