Types of smart cards with integrated circuit

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The cards with integrated circuit are also called smart cards or cards with chip, however these terms are not synonymous and the different types of card are noted for the type of chip that it has and the interface that they use to get in touch with the reader.

There are three types of chips that are associated with these cards: Solo memory, logical wiring and micro controller.

  1. Cards with integrated circuit with chip of solo memory. These cards are like electronic magnetic strips and its objective is supplying a bigger certainty than the card with traditional magnetic strip. Your advantage on the cards with magnetic strip is your memory capacity (to 16Kbits) and the smaller cost that has the reading device writer of the card. The cards with chip of solo memory simply store data. These cards can have a memory that cannot be rewritten.
  2. The first versions were read-only, low capacity (maximum 160 units of value), cards I prepay with low security level. More modern versions use read-only memories. Many of these cards have schemata advanced of authentication in the chip.
  3. Cards with wired logical integrated circuit. He contains one machinate of state based in logic that supplies encryption and authentication from outburst to memory and his content. Supply a system of static archives that supports multiple applications, with outburst once the content was encrypted of the optional memory. The archival system and the alone game of commands can be changed redesigning the logic of the integrated circuit. These cards include variations like the I Class or MIFARE.

Card with integrated circuit safe micro controller. These cards contain a micro controller  an operating system, a memory reading. These cards contain and play logic and calculations and store data according to their operating system. All that needs the card to operate is a power source and a port of communication. This available in cards of contact, I do not contact and of dual interface. This type of cards are the ones that are acquainted like smart cards.

There are two basic rates of interface of cards with integrated circuit: The ones of contact and the ones of I do not contact. The fact that it becomes of contact or no of contact refers to the current supply and bass than sketch the data from the card are transferred to the reading device and vice versa. Cards can have the two types of chips (so-called hybrids) or that they use one chip of dual interface called cards fridge freezer.

Smart card of Contact.These cards require being inserted in a reader of smart card with a direct connection to a conductive micro module on the surface of the card.

Smart card of no contact. These cards should be located close to the reader (generally not superior to 10 centimetres  in order that the information sharing comes true. The information sharing frequency comes true with radio waves, this communication turns out well with an internal antenna so much in the card as in the reader.

Hybrid Smart Card. These cards contain two chips in the cards, one that bears the interface of contact and another one that the interface supports of I do not contact. In general the chips contained in the card are not connected among themselves.

Smart card of dual interface. These cards contain a single chip that supports the two types of interface, the ones of contact and the ones of I do not contact, permitting the outburst to the information for any of the two roads.

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