The Origin of SIM Cards

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Due to the fast technological developments seen in the world it becomes more than necessary to be constantly  in evolution and making good use of the advantages that this offers us in any of the services where it is applicable and that the need of the handling of the information in opportune, fast way and without limits of paperworks or delays for its attainment has, the broad knowledge of the technology of smart cards on behalf of the community for its mass use becomes necessary. The need to accomplish the present work is for this nascent reason and that way knowing the structure, functioning, advantages, disadvantages, internal controls, services, applications and frauds that are had or come true with the smart cards.

What are Smart Cards in general and SIM cards in particular?
Plastic cards similar in size and other physical standards are the credit cards that they have been patterned an integrated circuit. This circuit can come from single memory or one containing a microprocessor (CPU) with an operating system that enables a series of tasks on him like:

  • Storing
  • Encrypting information
  • Reading and writing data, like a computer.

Like control mechanism of outburst smart cards make than the personal and business data only be accessible to the appropriate users, this card assures portability, certainty and reliability in the data. The incorporation of an integrated circuit offers three new elements that can favour its generalized utilization:

  • The densities of integration of controls and memories that are attained at the present time, enable offering a new fan of possibilities and of functions, what originates your expansion on the market and a new medium of change of information.
  • The smart card incorporates the potency of the computers, including the logical and control functions that apply to business activities, along with functions advanced of certainty and new applications.
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