Free sim card information

Free sim card information

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To help with questions related to getting SIM cards we have created a simple guide that would allow you to understand how things work and how you can get hold of free sim cards from the existing mobile network providers. Of course, we will be reviewing the landscape on a regular basis, which means this guide will be updated accordingly.

How come sim cards are free?

As you probably know the mobile industry is extremely competitive, so all the big players in the UK invest time, effort and marketing budget to acquire new customers. One of the biggest drivers of acquisition is via an offer where potential customers would be able to test and use sim cards which are ready to work on the majority of handsets available. This sim cards offered by the networks tend to be loaded with credits that would include minutes on calls and text messages. Once the initial offer has been consumed by the potential client the idea is that the client would then top up to and become a normal customer.

Ordering and delivery

Using our comparison table, you can compare which network is best for your needs. When you are ready to get your free sims you simply have to click the order button next to the offer you are interested in and you will be taken to a simple sign up form. Once you have entered your delivery details the network will process this and send out your free sim cards using first class post. It’s also worth remembering that these are pay as you go packages so you only pay for what you use and have no line rental or contract charges.

Sim card activation

Once your free sim card has arrived, simply pop it into any unlocked mobile phone and you should see on screen the new network name. If you happen to get a message in the form of blocked or locked you may need to get your handset unlocked. To do this simply contact the mobile network you used to be with and they will be able to assist you in the unlocking process. Please note that some may charge a small fee for this.

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