Technical information about the SIM Card

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The SIM card is a chip through which we identify ourselves before our GSM operator and through this with other operators. Represents the GSM line that we have contracted, because that put it in one or another terminal we maintain subscriber number. The SIM card, consists of a code access security called PIN, which consists of four digits. The code we can change it at will and even cancel your request. It consists of a microprocessor, ROM memory and another 8K of RAM, which are: an agenda for 90 or 100 positions for store names and phone numbers. An agenda of 14 or 16 positions where are stored the SMS received. An agenda of 10 positions where to store 10 names and numbers to create a restriction of calls to these numbers. Only with PIN 2. The SIM consists of an access code, the PIN 1 of 4 digits, so that if I introduce 3 times erroneously crashes. In this case we are asked the PUK 1 consisting of 8 digits, if we introduce correctly we unlocked the PIN 1. If the PUK is entered incorrectly 10 times, the SIM is blocked indefinitely. We also have a 2 PIN to activate the fixed dialing (agenda 10 positions) or cost control, restrictions, etc. If we introduce 3 times wrong, we asked the PUK 2 consisting of 8 digits, which, once set correctly, we unlocked the PIN2. If the PUK 2 is inserted incorrectly 10 times, the PIN 2 hangs indefinitely. We can find it in two sizes: ISO, large or Plug-in small

Special Features

  • Zone-safe mirror improper removal of the card.
  • Hardware security mechanisms in the component.
  • Data integrity protection using linear redundancy bytes.


  • Open multi-application card: degree of depth files indefinitely.
  • Flexibility after customization: Create orders Header / Create Data.
  • Indefinite extension files.
  • CHV configurable parameters in customization .
  • Hiding / exposure files.

Maximsing space

  • Indefinite extension files.
  • Extensive search option key files to avoid repetition of security.
  • Avoiding duplication of data in different files.
  • Guarantee minimum size for applications.
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