SIM Card for Samsung Galaxy Camera

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Samsung Galaxy the intelligent camera that uses Android

At the end of last year, the compact cameras have evolved in two manners: on the one hand the logical improvement of quality of image. On the other, the connectivity with the network. Now we can automatically upload photos to social networks without using card readers or the computer. One of the pioneers of this tendency has been galaxy camera

After surprising this year with the Smart Camera  now Samsung wants to go the extra mile by launching a hybrid between camera and smartphone.  Android has become the operating system of reference on many mobile devices and tablets. Nevertheless, now it decides to jump to a new format, we are talking about compact cameras sector. This new camera wants to take advantage of all the capacities that the Android operating system offers so that this Galaxy Camera is one of most versatile currently available.

The touch screen, with a size of 4.8 inches, allows us to do everything with the fingers. We have a dedicated button to take pictures. However, the look and feel is very similar to the smartphone user interface. In addition to this, we have the entire ecosystem of Android applications: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook… All of them will be available without limitation. The camera takes a processor of four nuclei of last generation that will assure an excellent yield to us.

samsung galaxy camera sim card slotOne of the most innovative aspects of this camera is the connectivity aspect. Now we have WiFi as well as  3G connection. Meaning that if we have a spare SIM card, we will be able to directly upload our photos from any place. You can get a Samsung Galaxy Camera free SIM card from this web site if you are interested. Although this is not the key feature of the product, this is probably the one that stands out the most. Also, Samsung has not neglected the other aspects related to the compact camera sector. You could find a sensor of 16 megapíxeles, an optical zoom lens of 21 increases and one accumulator of 1650 mAh that photos guaranty to us several hours doing, recording video and uploading to your favorite online service/platform.
By all means/of course, its use is not limited only the photography. We can use the camera as if outside smartphone, omitting the voice calls clearly. Our favorite applications are available and or to play Angry birds or to surf the Internet, everything what we need it is possible since it offers the same benefits of a traditional smartphone.


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