How to Unlock Any SIM Card

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Customer Identity Modules (SIM Cards) have built-in security to prevent unauthorized utilisation of the telephone number. This can often be as easy as the factory default “0000” four digit Personal Identification Number (PIN) code, or it’s really a more elaborate four- to eight-digit code set through the user. It sometimes is not even set, and also the Sim could be hot-swapped from phone-to-phone without entering a Flag. However, the Sim will invariably possess a Personal Unblocking Key (PUK Code). A PUK Code is placed in the factory and it is unique to every Sim. This code may be used to unlock a Sim without having the PIN.

  1. Speak to your cell-phone company to get the PUK Code. The PUK Code is maintained through the company who provided the Sim. It may seem simpler to call the company–frequently free of charge on the telephone–or register your particulars and Sim in the carrier’s website and acquire the PUK code this way.
  2. Make an effort to unlock the Sim while using phone. Enter a sequence of 4 numbers three occasions. It does not appear numbers you utilize. You’re forcing the Sim to request you for that PUK code, which opens all SIM cards.
  3. Go into the PUK code when motivated through the phone and enter a brand new Flag of your liking when motivated through the phone. Re-go into the Flag to verify your entry. The only factor left would be to reboot the telephone by turning them back after which turning it back on. Then enter your brand-new Flag. The Sim has become unlocked.
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