How to Unlock a Vodafone Mobile Phone

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Vodafone is a GSM cell-phone company that works 900mhz and 1800mhz systems in a number of nations. It provides 100s of Vodafone top quality and locked mobile phone models within the regions it services. If you want to make use of a Vodafone phone on the different company, you will find two unlock methods you can test.


Unlocking a Vodafone Mobile phone by phone

  • Enter “*#06#” after which write lower the IMEI number that shows. The IMEI number can be found underneath the phone’s battery.
  • Go to a cell-phone-unleashing service for example or
  • Find your phone in line with the manufacturer and model no .. Type in your payment particulars as well as your phone IMEI and wait for a unlock code to reach inside your email. Unlock codes typically take 72 hrs to reach but could require 7 days.
  • Type in the unlock code just as provided. Your phone will switch off after which reverse on instantly.
  • Place your brand-new Sim within the phone and wait 15-20 seconds for signal strength to look. If you have a signal the procedure was effective. If no signal seems try the procedure once more. When the phone still doesn’t unlock, contact the unlock-code provider. He’ll give a new unlock code totally free or refund your original fee.

Vodafone Aided Unlocking via website

  • Go into the code “*#06#” in your device’s keyboard. The phone’s IMEI number is going to be displayed. Write lower the IMEI number later. Then, call Vodafone customer support at 44-7836-191-191 or visit Vodafone’s phone-unlock page. You’ll be billed a $25 fee should you order your unlock code by calling customer support.
  • Enter your phone’s IMEI and also the security verification code that shows on the internet page. Should you known as customer support, provide your phone’s IMEI code towards the representative.
  • Type in payment information while using the website once the payment screen is displayed. Watch for your unlock code to show, type in your unlock code just as referred to through the Vodafone system.
  • Remove your Vodafone Sim and make the Sim out of your new company. Wait 15-20 seconds to ascertain if signal strength seems. If you notice an indication the procedure was effective.
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