How to Unlock a SIM Card With a PUK

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Your GSM phone utilises a Sim to keep important user information for example your telephone number and account particulars. You are able to safeguard your device from unauthorized use by enabling a distinctive security PIN code. This PIN should be joined properly when running in your phone or after starting standby mode. Multiple incorrect records of the PIN can lead to a locked Sim. You will need to type in your PIN Unlock Key (PUK) to gain access to the telephone. Each Sim includes a different PUK code.

Step One – Speak to your wireless company by calling its customer support number. Check a current invoice if you are unclear about the telephone number. You will have to verify your bank account particulars prior to the representative can provide you with your PUK code. Write lower the code for future reference.

Step Two – Make use of your phone’s keyboard to enter in the PUK code. Press “OK” to unlock the telephone. Key in a brand new PIN code making use of your phone’s keyboard and press “OK.” Retype the PIN to verify it if you’re motivated, and press “OK.” Your phone and SIM will function as always.

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