How to Unlock a SIM card using PUK code

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A PUK or Private Unblocking Code is a unique number that is used to unlock the SIM card (or User Identity Module) in your phone. The latter includes most of the details that the mobile has to send or receive calls, including generated passwords (PIN code). If you have lost or forgotten your PIN, you can use the SIM card to be unlocked by the PUK code. If you enter the wrong PIN three times, you’ll be prompted to enter the PUK. You may get the latter with a provider of smartphone services.

  • Navigate to the web site of your carrier to get your account and follow the directions to join up for the same. In the latter case you should enter information such as your phone number, your name and password. This password is perhaps not linked to your SIM card.
  • Select “My Phone”, “About phone” or some thing similar in order to find the summation of settings. You might find a sub header¬†labelled¬†“Mobile Info” or something similar. Now you need to enter the PUK code you obtained in your site when you request it. This can occur after three unsuccessful attempts to enter the PIN. You will be able to make ten attempts before entering the right PUK.
  • The last step to unlock your SIM card is to enter a new PIN four to eight digits when prompted. The mobile will tell you to try this activity after entering PUK code correctly and finally re-enter the PIN to support.
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