How to treat your Mobile Phone Battery to last?

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Mobile phone batteries are at the heart of any mobile phone. When the battery fails service the display goes dark and you will not be able to use it and for that reason it should be handled very carefully. If we follow few simple rules we will ensure higher capacity and long life.

Just as the development towards more efficient equipment goes, it remains in the batteries are not. In the past, especially harmful nickel-cadmium energy storage were used, and for years lithium-ion and lithium-polymer batteries we also used which had negative effect on health. These offer a number of advantages in addition to health. the memory effect with this battery provides for the generation of life no longer in danger represents the memory can thus be completely independent of the charge state and discharged without the loss of capacity threatens. Basically, it is possible, therefore, new phones at any time to hang on the power cord.

But when you download you should follow a few rules: In order to achieve an optimum service life, even modern Li-Po and Li-Ion batteries must be at least once per month to live a full charge cycle, as some smartphone manufacturers recommend their customers. It does not matter whether the battery is actually fully charged and discharged. The charging cycle can be completed in several steps to improve the life of the mobile phone batteries, and this is the only way to keep a battery fresh longer. Advances in technology in this area means that they can be charged relatively faster, but they are less robust than their predecessors nickel which used to stop working after 1500 charging cycles, the modern LiPo batteries lifespan only lasts for 300 to 500 cycles and then they start suffering some degree of capacity loss.

An energy-saving usage is therefore the recommended approach to conserve the battery power. Thus, for many devices turned down the screen brightness, or UMTS reception is disabled. Other types of connections such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi should also be switched on only when they are really needed. Optimize the energy saving efforts can also, ensure the best possible reception by shielding the antenna. Another element to consider is heat which is actually one of the main reasons for the premature death of a battery. It speeds up the inside of the cell energy running oxidation processes, shorten

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