How to Replace a SIM card in a 3G iPhone mobile phone

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The SIM (“Subscriber Identity Module” subscriber identity module) takes time to move contact info between two telephones. Rather than manually entering each contact you need to enhance your iPhone 3G, import them. Apple also requires customers to pull the SIM card of the iPhone before delivering your apparatus for repair. When Apple returns your iPhone, the SIM card must be changed by you.

  • Before you begin please ensure you have a paper show, and the initial step would be to loosen up your paper show. Fit one end of the cut in to the little pit on the SIM card slot of the iPhone. The position is set along with the apparatus. The SIM card will be caused by this action outside of the disk position.
  • If required, eliminate the present SIM card holder. Once you have done this location the SIM card you need to use in the disk tray of the iPhone.
  • Slip the SIM card holder back in the unit and simply turn on the telephone
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