How to Remove the PIN From a Vodafone SIM Card

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A Sim is really a small nick that resides inside most mobile phones and consists of private information for example your telephone number and contacts. SIM means “customer identity module.” Use a Vodafone Sim in almost any cell phone, set up phone’s accessibility Vodafone network is blocked. Lots of people prefer to safeguard the data on their own SIM cards with personal identification amounts, or Hooks. A PIN code is really a 4- to eight-digit statistical code accustomed to safeguard your individual electronic data. When PIN protection is triggered, every time you make use of the phone, you will need to enter your PIN prior to the SIM triggers. You are able to switch off the PIN protection if you won’t want to go into the code any time you make use of the phone.

  • Take away the battery cover and also the battery out of your cell phone. Place the Vodafone SIM. Reinsert battery and replace battery cover, then, hold lower the energy button to change in your phone. Enter your present PIN code and press “OK.”
  • Access the primary menu, navigate to and open “Configurations.” In this particular sub-menu, locate “Security” and choose it.
  • Choose “PIN Check” and alter the setting to “Disable.” Go into the current PIN code to verify this operation. The PIN code is going to be taken off your SIM.

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