How to get micro SIM cards for free

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What is Micro SIM card?

In short, Micro SIM card is just a smaller version of the commonly used SIM cards. The main difference is that this new generation Micro SIM has smaller surrounding area while the contact area remains the same size. It can be used by the high-end configurations of the original iPad and the GSM-compatible versions of the iPad 2 and iPad 3.

You might ask why Micro SIM card instead of your avarage SIM card? The main advantage of Micro sim card is that you can store a lot more in it. Micro sims can store more phone numbers, more space for your emails, etc.

How to get Micro SIM card?

Now, where can you get a Micro SIM card? The easiest and fastest way is to essentially reduce your old sim to the size a Micro sim and then place it in the slot for a card. The good news is that you can get a device called micro sim cutter, which you can use to cut off a regular sim card to make exactly the same size as a new Micro SIM.

However, if you don’t want to risk cutting off the wrong size, getting a new Micro sim card is very easy. You simply need to visit and pick it up from your network shop. You can also order your free Micro SIM card on line.

Revert your previous micro sim card

The original SIMs are around 15mm x 25mm and micro SIMs only measure 12mm x 15mm. Therefore,  micro SIMs won’t work when inserted into a phone with a regular size SIM slot. If you need to use your Micro sim card with your old phone,  you’ll need an adaptor. You can get one in store, or if you ordered online, it should have come  with your new micro sim. It is normally a black case. It fits the Micro SIM card, trhen you can insert it into you mobile phone.

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