How to find the SIM card in the Blackberry Curve?

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Just a fast indication that a SIM card is required for some functions of a cell phone, is used in place under the cover sealed. In a Blackberry Curve, is set below the battery. Furthermore, the SIM (subscriber id module) enables users to make phone receive and calls, send text messages and browse the Net.. Details such as phone book and multimedia data stored on the SIM card.

Accessing your SIM card in your Blackberry Curve is farily simple, change the mobile phone and remove the rear protect. The SIM card slot, that is the biggest of the 2 memory card slots available, is additionally put under the battery. Recognizing where the SIM card is placed is helpful, particularly when functionality issues need Blackberry Curve SIM card is altered, or when a consumer desires to use an existing SIM card.

Placing and removing a SIM card is a fairly simple process. Slide the cover off and remove the battery. Move the bracket to “unlock”. Lift the cover and insert or remove the SIM card. Then slip the protect to lock and shut the hinges. Replace the battery after which the battery cover.

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