How to delete contacts in your T-mobile SIM Card

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Based on your T-Mobile phone’s configurations, contacts might be saved in your Sim or even the phone’s memory. Getting your contacts saved in your Sim enables access on another phone. However, your Sim has limited memory abilities, to desire to obvious the contacts to create room for other files, for example ring tones or pictures.

  1. Press “Menu” in your T-Mobile phone and navigate to “Contacts” or “Phonebook,” making use of your directional buttons, and press “OK.”Free T-Mobile Sims
  2. Choose “Management” in the listing of options, then choose “Copy all to,” if you want to make a copy from the contacts. This will help you to choose “Phone” and copy all of your contacts for your phone. Once replicated, go back to the prior “Management” screen.
  3. Choose “Remove all,” scroll lower to “SIM” and press “Check.” After you have done this, select “Remove” to remove all contacts out of your Sim. If requested confirmation, choose “Yes.”
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