How to Change an O2 PIN Number Default in your SIM Card

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Should you lose your phone, the SIM PIN prevents the individual that finds the telephone from placing the Sim right into a different phone and making calls in your account. The SIM PIN is really a four-digit lock code associated with the Sim. Should you take away the card, the telephone will prompt you for that PIN, even when putting it in exactly the same phone. Automatically, everybody around the O2 network has got the same SIM PIN. You are able to improve your default SIM PIN with the phone’s menus.

  • Open the primary menu in your phone and choose the configurations menu. For many phones, it’s known as “Configurations.”
  • Choose the safety options sub-menu. Of all phones, it’s labelled “Security.” The telephone may prompt you for any password. Most phones make use of the last four numbers from the telephone number because the default password. Now you have to choose the choice to alter the SIM PIN. It might be labeled “Security PIN” “SIM PIN” or just “PIN,” with respect to the phone.
  • Go into the default PIN code of “0000.” After that you can enter a four-digit PIN of your liking. You may want to go into the new PIN two times. Choose “Save” or “OK” to verify the configurations.

Please be aware when one enters the incorrect PIN three occasions, the Sim locks, and also the phone will prompt you for any PIN Unleashing Key or PUK code. You will get a brand new PUK code with the O2 site at kingdom/puk. When the phone prompts you for any PUK code, stop entering codes. You have to produce a PUK before you proceed. Should you go into the wrong code, the SIM will lock permanently and you will have to purchase a new Sim.

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