How to Activate Your 3G SIM card together with your iPhone

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The 3rd generation network is simply a common technology within the field of mobile phones , and it absolutely was the main network wise phones used before some moved onto 4G. Much like other phones, smart phones make use of a SIM to help keep the network configurations, to ensure that like a kind of modest exterior storage. Inside your Apple iphone using iTunes some service providers will instantly activate your 3rd generation SIM.

  • Attach your iPhone to your computer using the USB cable that came in the box. Wait for your computer to identify the unit and automatically open iTunes.
  • Click “Download and Update” when iTunes prompts you to download the update to your carrier settings. Your 3G SIM card will be activated by this update. Click “OK” when the procedure finishes.
  • Verify that your SIM card is properly inserted before attempting to activate it. The iPhone will perhaps not properly work with an improperly placed SIM card.
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