How to activate Giffgaff sim card?

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You can now activate the GiffGaff Sim card you just received via this easy three-step process. We may try taking some particulars within the packaging your phone or SIM turned up in. To acquire your SIM working you need to activate it first. Activation is about hooking up the 6 digit code inside your Sim with a member title and making the very first top-up. You’ll be able to top-up by bank card or buy a top-up voucher then return with this page to activate your SIM.

  • The First Step, Start by signing in towards the account which you have to activate your SIM on, it’s one SIM per account if needs be just setup another account.
  • Second Step, Enter in the activation code – this is often a 6 digit code which relates for your Sim, which is situated on the cardboard-sized plastic which initially held your Sim. For individuals who’ve lost this code, you’ll have to either order another SIM from giffgaff or request your friend for the next. Then, please enter your own personal particulars – enter these particulars precisely in line with the individual who certainly are while using the SIM card.

Stuff you may need your SIM active

– Your giffgaff Sim card

– A giffgaff account (go to the website making a free account)

– A payment method ready – you’ll be able to pay using most major Uk debit or charge card, or pop for the corner shop and acquire a giffgaff top-up voucher, we accept o2 top-up vouchers – after we work on the o2 network.

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