How to activate a vodafone freedom freebee?

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Although you might already know this but (if so apologies for stating the obvious), before you make use of the card you have to activate it in your carrier’s network. Vital that you keep in mind you need to activate an apple iphone or iPad within the United kingdom as well as your device ought to be unlocked.

  • Open the widely used Internet browser on your pc and visit the o2 website and select activate Your Phone site . Enter your telephone number and choose a verification method in the drop-lower box. Fill the data as asked for for example title, surname, address etc. Go into the code and click on “Next.”
  • Locate the Sim number around the credit card where the micro SIM is embedded. The amount is 16 numbers and begins with 89.
  • Go into the micro Sim number within the Sim number area and click on “Activate.”

Important to Remember:

Unlocking a mobile phone is often necessary where your phone is locked to a company. Possibly you’ve just finished your contract, or you have been given your phone by another person and it is locked to another network. Please make sure your phone is unlocked or you might not be able to benefit from the free SIM card offer.


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