how do you transfer your mobile number to a different network

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Moving your number, sometimes known as ‘porting’ is the action of moving your mobile phone number from one company to to a different one. Mobile network processes change from network to network, all systems are controlled by Ofcom the regulative authority, determining the jargon to attain your personal consumer needs can be tough at the very best of occasions, therefore we have put together an overview on moving systems that will help you through what may appear just like a daunting task.

So that your searching to transfer your brand-new or existing mobile number to a different network, the operation is known as porting and also the two common departments based each and every network are MNP or Mobile Number portability, and Retentions, these departments deal exclusively using the moving of mobile amounts interior and exterior the present mobile phone network provider through the giving of the PAC (port authorisation code).

Once produced a PAC enables clients to maneuver their existing or new mobile number towards the network of preference. To acquire your PAC some systems require certain ways to be completed just before a PAC being produced, they include registration from the mobile number underneath the customers title, standard particulars for example title, address, d.o.b and P.I.N / I.D or password are needed, it’s also common for that systems to request when the mobile number is within pre-active condition (not used at all, completely new) that the topup and chargeable call is made of the Sim make it possible for the PAC to become provided. It is crucial that these guidelines are stuck to, to make sure an even transition.

When the PAC is produced, usually provided through the telephone or SMS, the PAC will invariably begin with 3 letters, generally these letters are an abbreviation from the mobile network that released the PAC.

Vital that you keep in mind that at the time of problem no matter the network you will see an expiration date from the PAC, this really is thirty days, the network should counsel you of this time around frame. At this time it might be better to backup any contacts in your mobile phone and employ up any remaining credit if utilizing a PAYG (Payg) Sim. When the PAC isn’t presented to the moving network within thirty days the mobile number will stay using the giving network, however please be aware when moving from the closing contract account you might risk losing your mobile number, as it will likely be ended right into a disconnected condition that won’t be recoverable through the network.

You should supply the PAC towards the moving network at the earliest convenience to prevent such problems occurring. And don’t forget that generation of the PAC doesn’t aways mean closure of account, clients wouldn’t appreciate receiving two bills within the publish from two different systems, new and old.

Call customer services from the moving network to supply the PAC or with a few systems the PAC could be processed online. Once provided the mobile number should transfer within 2 business days underneath the latest / modified Ofcom MNP policy. At the time of transfer completion place your new network Sim in to the mobile phone leave started up during the day, sooner or later throughout your day you’ll lose signal, this could indicate the transfer is nearly complete, switch the phone off for roughly ten minutes and back on again, the mix network transfer should now of completed, when the amount hasn’t moved, repeat the forefront-pointed out process.

Things to do before you decide to transfer your number to the new mobile phone network

  • We advise you speak to your existing Company to discover if they’ll ask you for any exit costs. When they don’t ask you for anything, or this is an amount that you are pleased to pay, only then do we could possibly get began.
  • should you presently have telephone numbers and/or other data saved around the sim you’ve together with your current provider, these particulars/data is going to be lost when your service number is moved for your new Virgin Mobile sim. To prevent losing these particulars it’s suggested that you simply write these particulars lower or copy these to your phone just before asking for to transfer your number.
  • If you have a payment out of your current company, you will also need your present account number. If you are presently on Pre-Compensated you do not need your present account number.
  • Make certain you utilize up your credit in your old network
  • Be sure to copy information out of your existing SIM to your brand-new one. You could bring both Sim cards into our stores and we’ll transfer the information for you personally
  • Make certain the telephone you are moving your number to is incorporated in the United kingdom at the time that the transfer happens
  • Making use of your temporary number on my small T-Mobile – when the transfer is performed, you will need to sign in and choose the sum you introduced over because the primary number in your account
  • The first bill can have line rental charges and considerations for your temporary number and the sum you introduced over

What you will need to do:

If you are getting several in from another company, you will need to activate the mobile  phone number which has include your Starter Package to ensure that we’ll have somewhere to transfer your overall number to. Throughout the activation process you’ll be requested if you are getting a current number in from another company, after which motivated for that particulars. (see ‘How will i request to transfer my number across?’ below for options).


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