How do I get a free Giffgaff Sim card?

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GiffGaff is really a fast moving company, and has a business model that could trigger significant changes within the phone market. Giffgaff have developed a business design unlike any other in the realm of telecommunications. Using the backing of O2, the little firm is really a sim card only provider, who don’t believ in contracts or higher listed charges. They’re only accessible online inside a bid to chop the unneccesary expense and waste of stores and call centres. The city aspect is actually strong. The business’s forums are huge and very busy, and help new clients to get the best deals and steer clear of common issues. Plus there is the reward aspect, should you recommend new people plus they join, you have a payback, either financially or like a donation to some charitable organisation of your liking. This structure fortifies individuals connection to the organization and encourages these to recommend the organization to more buddies. Basically it is the snowball sort of a telephone company. Another different area of the model may be the internet only presence, to limit costs and send on savings to people, GiffGaff only works around the internet, also it saves further costs by discussing on O2s company network.

So if you are interested in getting a free Giffgaff SIM card just click on the “order a free sim” button and follow the instructions:

You will get a normal FREE SIM card or a Micro SIM card (ideal for iphones and ipads).

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