How addicted are you to your smartphone?

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“Addictions” is a concept that we often hear, applied to many areas. Be “addicted” to something, it means not to be able to go on a daily basis, do more than imagine her life without… The mobile phone, in the same way as the television or the Internet, is part of these objects that it is difficult to put aside.  And you, would you like to know whether you are suffering from smartphone addition?

Questions below will help you find out:

Are you on your mobile phone 24/7 and seven days a week?

First sign of addiction, the fact of leaving his mobile phone switched on continuously. You never turn off your smartphone, night or in the restaurant, nor during the holidays? You have even forgotten that he had an on/off button? There are chances that you are addicted!

What’s the first thing you do when you jump out of bed?

As soon as the eyes open, your first impulse is to check your mobile phone. You need to find out if anyone has tried to reach you during the night, see if your friends have posted new updates on Facebook. You almost believe that your smartphone has a life of its own.

My smartphone and you everywhere together

Your motto is: ” Never without my smartphone! “You take your mobile phone everywhere: in the bathroom, the toilet, and even at the pool. In summary, your mobile phone never leaves you.

Do you always need to have the latest smartphones model?

If you are prepared to do anything to have the latest smartphone of the moment. You would be prepared to eat sandwiches for twelve months and queue for long hours in front of the Apple store to get the latest Iphone 5.

Do you recognize yourself in at least 2  of the behaviours of our cheeky questions? well, you might be addicted to your mobile phone, but don’t worry at least you can count on our website to get you free or cheaper “smartphone addicted time”.

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