History of the SIM Card

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The origins of the technology of identification by radio frequency goes back to the Second World War, when himself I develop the concept of the radar (radio Detection And Ranging), invention developed by the physicist Sir Robert Alexander Watson Watt and patentee in Great Britain with the patent No. 593017.

The Germans discovered that pilots accomplished manoeuvres when returning to the base, changing the reflected signal, allowing the staff ashore to identify the German air planes of the allies, being this RFID’s first passive system.

Watson Watt directed a secret project for the British people that was the first active system of identification of friends or enemies (IFF). A transmitter placed itself in an each British airplane and when they received a signal of a radar station ashore, it sent a signal the system ashore over to provide evidence of his identity like a friendly aircraft. The system RFID works under the same concept.

  • Since 1968 Germans Jürgen dethloff and Helmut Gr ttrup developed a system of identification, that a card with an integrated circuit is basically enveido in her, some of these patents are: Swiss patents 522255, 512793, 506138, German patents 1524765, 1950619, between other ones.
  • In 1970 the Japanese Arimura Ichiro accomplished some important contributions to the development of the card with integrated circuit in the logical arithmetical integration and storage in the chip.
  • In 1971 Paul P. Castrucci I patent a card of information with the No. 3702464, in United States and it was assigned to International Business Machines Corporation (IBM).
  • In 1973 Mario W. Cardullo in liaison with William L. Parks the IAII patented a system and appliance Transponder with the patent of United States No. 3713148 that a label RFID was an active soldier with rewritable memory and in this same year Charles A. Walton I patent in United States a system of recognition and Electronic identification with the patent No. 3752960, that an used transponder to unblock an unused door was a key.
  • In 1974 Roland Moreno he patented in France with the No. 7410191 and in United States with the number 4007355, the first card with integrated circuit, that I call Transferential system of data, and that I explained the functioning of a card that had a memory to store information, being considerate Roland the father of the card with Integrated Circuit. Roland I believe the society INNOVATRON (Société internationale pour l’innovation).
  • In 1977 Michel Ugon, of Bull, he patented the card with microprocessor, that it was an improvement made to the patent of Roland Moreno, where the card not only contained memory, but he turned her into a little computer, himself I patent with the No. 7726107 in France and with the number 4211919 in United States and once the International Company for Information Technology was assigned to. Technology was accepted in Europe and largely diffuse, due to the high costs of the verification in line of the transactions in telecommunications.
  • In 1987 express their opinion the first International standards for the cards with integrated circuit (ISO 7816 – establish the parameters of manufacturing of the smart cards)
  • At the beginning of the nineties the engineers of IBM developed a system RFID that worked on frequency ultra certificate of discharge (UHF) with a long reading range and high transfer rate. The pilot proofs came true in Wal Mart, but never I arrive to lose one’s high standards this technology.
  • In 1991 appear the SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) card that had a memory capacity of 3 KB.
  • In United States the smart cards in the stores are used for the Olympic Games of Atlanta of 1996.
  • In 1997 Serge Humpich, a French engineer of 36 years, I create a capable card to withdraw money of any cashier with any key, according to him for to check it the finance entities that cards are not at all safe, when RSA of 320 bits stored in the chip of the card, the mathematical formula achieve the successful factorization of the key this based in 96 numbers. In 2000, Serge Humpich was stopped and once ten (10) months was condemned of prison.
  • In 1999 himself I promote the use of systems UHF RFID when technology Institute of Massachusset’s (MIT) received cost-reducing support to establish the Center of Auto-R&D. In the institute professors David Brock and Sanjay Sarma are accomplishing investigations to unroll labels low-cost RFID in all the products to be in sequence in the assembly line.
  • Between 1999 and the 2003 the center the Auto-R&D has received the support of over one hundred big companies end users. As a result has developed the Electronic Code of product (centrally planned economy) that your objective is replace in the chains of supply to the code CPU.
  • The August 31, 2006 gets into print in Colombia two patents of Fredy Maurice Sanabria Higuera of whom titles are: Reading device Escritor to keep the case histories in smart cards and in Internet and System to keep Clinical information of the people in smart cards and in Internet.
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