Free T-Mobile International SIM Cards

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T-Mobile currently has a new offer for clients who wish to make worldwide calls. Get a FREE International T-Mobile Sim card is very easy by clicking on the button featured on this page. Once you get your free international sim card from T-mobile you just have to top up by £10 each month and, on top of your credit, they will give you 70 free international minutes to use the following month which you can use on worldwide calls or texts.

Main features of the T-mobile International SIM card:

  • A Totally Free Sim card
  • T-Mobile T-Mobile Text SIM Only £20.50 1m
  • Free T-Mobile Pay Monthly SIM Card – 1 months
  • 600 minutes + 5000 texts
  • Monthly cost: £20.50 per month
  • No connection costs

Evidently from it, it appears to be a great offer from T-Mobile but you’re needing to pay £10 every month and call someone that you might not actually want to talk up to you want. To ensure that would turn it into a whopping £40 per month should you desired to remain in touch with family home in Nigeria. And oh calls to Nigeria aren’t added to the T Mobile offer. Another area to consider is that you will get with T-Mobile – Google Gmail which comes free of charge for calls to USA /Canada Mobiles and Land lines.

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