Fixing SIM card errors on a BlackBerry

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If a BlackBerry falls too strong, it is subjected or exposed to water or commences to breakdown, the display normally shows a message that states “Error SIM card.” The phone wont work properly until that is resolved. The primary reason because of this the SIM card in your rim has been dropped from its slot.

Remove the rear cover of your mobile. To achieve this, you’ll have to push down on the gold latch while the cover to the best of the phone. Remove the battery in the phone. Be sure to leave it somewhere that is not ruined. Find where the SIM card is stored a small hatch silver, that is.

To unlock the little hatch silver, slide it in the direction that says “Unlock.” Today change it up so that only one remains attached to the BlackBerry. Cautiously remove the SIM card.

Replace the SIM card after a couple of seconds. Where you identified it it must be put back and fit completely back within the same spot. Shuts the gold putting small hatch back on the SIM card and slide it for the opposite of how you had unlocked before (to the side that says “Lock”). Change the lid also (latches secures silver button). Hopefully when you look at the monitor of the phone the message “Malfunction SIM Card” should have disappeared, if not our recommendation is to either contact Blackberry (if the phone is still under guarantee  or communicate this to you mobile network provider and see whether they can offer an alternative solution.

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