SIM Card Error

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  1. Check the SIM card is placed correctly and ensure that your SIM card isn’t broken in any way.
  2. SIM cards come in different sizes, to accommodate different phones. Make sure you have the correct SIM card dimensions for the mobile device you are using.
  3. Try another SIM card to find out if the problem lies with your SIM card. If that is the case, a new SIM card would be  required. We advise you to use your SIM card in another handset to see if the problem lies with your device. If this works, there might be a problem with your mobile phone. You may want to book your phone in for service or repair shop.
  4. You might be needed to enter your PUK code, as a consequence of entering your PIN number incorrect three times when the error message you are receiving is. You may have the choice to upgrade to a new device today, if you have concluded that your device could be the cause of the problem. You may always check out your possible upgrade options at anytime with your chosen mobile network provider.
  5. Lastly Important information: Some mobile phones require a particular size SIM card. There are different kinds of SIM cards for different devices e.g. mobile phones or mobile broadband, pre-paid or call cards. Make sure you read all instructions before you contact your provider and avoid wasting your time.
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